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Rosemary Apple Fields

Real Estate Agent at The Realty Firm.

What to Expect.

A creative approach to promoting clients’ greatest assets utilizing extensive experience in real estate & trades marketing.

A team player when it comes to renovating – assisting clients in locating investment properties, design and project coordination.

Working alongside builders and developers to showcase new communities and homes. New construction & client design selection.

Helping those relocating to the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

Education & Experience. You don’t need to know everything about real estate. I’ve taken the time to study and continually stay tuned into trends – I will share everything I know along the way.

Local Knowledge. The kind of stuff you want to know as a new local that you gotta be told about. Like 12 Cool Waterfalls near the Lake or How Do I get to Burgess Falls in a Boat?

Communication & Confidentialty. An open and clear line of communication. Let me handle the details.

Admin & Assisting. Negotiating. Coordinating with other agents & buyers. Handling the documentation & details. There’s so much – and more. You can count on me to do these 12 Things.

Real estate is not a new industry for me. Before moving back from Nashville, Tennessee, I worked for a large Keller Williams team in Green Hills. From marketing to client events to connecting clients to the area, I learned a lot about growing a team and what it’s like to operate within a red hot market in an up and coming city. 

Shortly after moving back to the area, I began working with The Realty Firm, headquartered in Cookeville. 

I look forward to now working directly alongside clients, builders and developers as an agent.

Which realty firm are you a part of?

I am thrilled to be a part of The Realty Firm, a locally-owned firm based in Cookeville, Tennessee.

The Realty Firm has locations in Cookeville, Gainesboro, Crossville and Gainesboro.

This is an amazing firm and the #1 listing and selling agency in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennesee.

Learn more about The Realty Firm 

I want to Remodel/Renovate. How can you help?

First, let’s start with finding the right place to invest in. We can talk design too. Additons, full scope remodels, simple projects – let’s create the place that was meant to be, am I right?

Looking for something completely custom or new? I have completed several renovation projects – creating a vast network of local craftsmen. Let me connect you with the right tradesmen. Let’s all meet up and make a plan or two.

Check out past remodeling/renovation projects.

I'm ready to Sell. Can I list with you?

Yes! Trust me with showcasing your most valuable asset. With extensive real estate marketing experience, I know how to creatively present your property to the right people.

My goal is to showcase your property in its best light. I am also a freelance graphic & web designer so you can expect creative content, thorough marketing campaigns, and on-going strategy for your listing.

This ain’t my first rodeo. Check out my creative portfolio. 

I'm a Builder/Developer. How can we work together?

Let me match your craft with creative vision. I have a passion for design and construction – and it shows. I work alongside developers and builders to strategically & thoroughly promote new communities and connect homeowners with local tradesmen.

I’ve worked with local builders & developers, real estate firms as well as a luxury design-build firm creating content all based around what you’ve already done best. Whether you’re looking for collateral, communication or marketing items, I’ve got it covered.

I also love design. By sourcing materials, coordinating projects and working one-on-one with clients for design selection, we can knock out custom homes & projects.

What you can expect: On-site marketing items. Client & project coordination. Design. New development marketing strategy & campaigns. Professional, creative content. Open houses. And more.

It’s all about collaboration.

Read more : Approach & Portfolio.

I want to invest in this area.

With local & native knowledge about this area, let’s get you connected to the area & find the best place for something new & beautiful.

I have a well-rounded understanding of this region and can see the endless potential for new projects and developments.

I want to make Tennessee home. How can we do that?

Are you escaping some big city? Making the move to the Volunteer State? Maybe just coming to this side of the state?

There’s no better place to be. Let’s get you home. I am your matchmaker. I am so hometown proud. And southern hospitality is my thang.

Not only am I a native, but I’ve also lived in Knoxville, Nashville and now a very small town right by Center Hill Lake. With local knowledge and a hometown map you just can’t ever forget, I can guide you.

My goal is to help you navigate the area, get you connected and make it yours.

Check out the blog for local spotlights.

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Upper Cumberland
of Tennessee

The Upper Cumberland Region is located in Middle Tennessee.

Comprising of 14 rural counties, Cookeville, Tennessee is the region’s hub and home to Tennessee Tech University.

Known for our beautiful lakes including Dale Hollow Lake, Center Hill Lake, and Cordell Hull, this area is the best of rural Tennessee. The UC also houses countless waterfalls, waterways, caves and sprawling state parks.

Located between Nashville and Knoxville, this area is ideal for those wanting to live on the outskirts of major cities while still having straightforward access.

From waterfront lake properties to quaint farms to hidden estates, this area is the best of the state.

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