Renovation, Restoration, Deconstructed

Tony Soprano once said we used to build monuments & sculptures and now we can’t even get a marble floor right in a bathroom. I felt that. 😂



The trades is a lost art and quality craftsmanship is hard to find. We are quick to tear down the old for some reason.


Think of Nashville and other cities that replace older homes with a stacked condo or townhome. History is lost.

A common cliche is: Out with the old – in with the new.
We miss out on & lose so much though. Why are we so quick to replace?
I really appreciate architecture & design that incorporates the old AND new. Deconstructed, ruins, restoration.

What if we just focused on renovating and restoring? Taking into consideration and appreciating the original. Modern but more so modernized – rather than reinvented.

Materials that are strong and can withstand time – metal, stone, etc – are enhanced and complemented with glass, lighting and other modern fixtures and finishes.

Some things design can’t create – including character to an extent. Why do we cherish antiques, art, salvaged material and heirlooms?

Older buildings just feel different – like the history in the place somehow offers wisdom and the nostalgia takes you to a different time if only for a little while.

Here are a few restored structures.

Will Gamble Architects

Pinterest / Unknown


Planete Deco

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